Episode 40

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast Judith Germain speaks to Athena Blank about why Mavericks are so principled and will leave their jobs if they are asked to go against their principles. They also discuss why Socialised Mavericks are the only personality type that is comfortable being proved wrong. Athena describes herself as […]

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How to manage Millennial employees

‘How to manage Millennial employees?’ is a question being asked with extreme regularity by businesses everywhere. This is possibly due to the prevalence of the ‘Millennial stereotype’, over the last few years. A whole generation of people classified as privileged, lazy, needy and easily offended. This same generation was raised to: expect that serious obstacles […]

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Why train someone if they are just going to leave?

“Why train someone if they are just going to leave?”, is a common question held between Finance Directors and HR Directors, almost everywhere. Whilst it’s an almost paradoxical question, I think it’s fair to say that the answer differs in the 21st Century compared to the late 20th. These days I would argue that this […]

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Developing managers’ senior management skills

Developing managers’ senior management skills are more important than ever before. Organisations desperately need a more agile workforce. Where the requirement of this workforce, to constantly change and adapt is embraced and resistance is low. This requires managers that are able to lead and possess the skills that senior management are expected to have. Unfortunately […]

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Episode 25

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Judith talks to Mark Shaw about the need to be anti-social. Mark explains why social media doesn’t work for the vast majority of businesses and how you only have a nano-second of time to capture someone’s attention. They also discuss why being a ‘purple cow’ no longer works. […]

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Episode 23

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Judith talks to Jeff Tippett about persuasive communication and how that differs from communication that is manipulative in nature. Jeff also describes how to craft an influential message. All in all, a fascinating discussion on persuasion and how Mavericks persuade! Jeff is an expert speaker on the power […]

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Episode 12

This is a short podcast, the 4th in the ‘Alone with Judith’ series and episode 12 of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. In this episode Judith wonders about the war for talent. Is it really a war or an exercise of futility? Judith’s LinkedIn profile can be found here, her Twitter here, Instagram here and Facebook […]

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Episode 11

In this show Judith speaks to Rob Peters about Relationship Capital and the nature of trust and how to measure it in professional relationships. They both get over excited and talk over each other a couple of times! Rob’s core work is about establishing a standard of trust, he is also a renowned international salesman. […]

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The Maverick Journey – Re-emergence

The Maverick Journey – Re-emergence Re-discover, Renew, Realise One of the things that sets mavericks and those that behave in a maverick way towards their work, aside from Conformists and those that love their comfort zone, is the need to get things done, in an ethical and effective manner. They eschew routine and the status […]

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The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent?

The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent? One of the overriding problems faced by companies is that they struggle to effectively develop talent for the conditions prevalent in the 21st Century. By trying to avoid potential discrimination claims they utilise a one size fits all leadership style; therefore, running the risk of […]

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