The Maverick Journey – Re-emergence

Re-discover, Renew, Realise

One of the things that sets mavericks and those that behave in a maverick way towards their work, aside from Conformists and those that love their comfort zone, is the need to get things done, in an ethical and effective manner. They eschew routine and the status quo in favour of breaking the rules to ensure that objectives are met in a time efficient, innovative way.

They love the fact that they think differently, act differently and get amazing results in ways that other people would love to achieve. They are true leaders, of thought, action, and execution. Others aspire to be like them, they engender trust easily and are great influencers.

But what happens if the maverick reaches that moment when they are unsure of the next step, the best way to utilise their amazing talents?

This is what mavericks and those that behave like them know:

You are extremely good at what you do and what you offer is amazing.

But you have a secret.

You are frustrated and angry and NO ONE KNOWS.

It's killing you inside.

You know you can achieve more, and somehow you are not. You seek clarity and a way for your customers to understand what it is that you sell.

Your business has lost focus and for the first time ever:


It's a scary place to be.

Read on to find out how they solve this unspoken dilemma.

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