In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast Judith Germain speaks to Athena Blank about why Mavericks are so principled and will leave their jobs if they are asked to go against their principles. They also discuss why Socialised Mavericks are the only personality type that is comfortable being proved wrong.

Athena describes herself as 'the super hero's sidekick'.

Athena is currently a volunteer Project Manager for a charity. Her LinkedIn is here.

You can find out how to listen to Episode on one of the popular podcast platforms here.

For those of you who are happy to listen through your browser ... enjoy!


On 15th January 2018 The Maverick Paradox Podcast published a conversation with Athena Blank (nee Mae) on emotional stability in leadership.

You can listen to that 2018 episode by clicking the player below:


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