The Socialised Mavericks' Mission (The Mission)

I'm constantly asked 'How did the Socialised Mavericks' Mission come about?' It's a good question. The short answer is that someone asked me 'How is your Maverick Movement going?'. It was in that moment that a lot of subconscious thought crystallised and I realised that if I wanted to enable quantum change to the world's paradigm, then I had to do something about it.

I suddenly wanted to execute my passion faster. The only way to do that was to deploy the Socialised Mavericks' default - to collaborate.

This time however the collaboration needed to be different - it had to incorporate the Socialised Maverick nature. These individuals were not going to conform, even if the idea was a good one. They would however, sign up to an idea, a concept, a belief if it aligned closely enough to their own. They would come together to get an idea executed and then part for awhile. Always having one eye open to new ideas, interesting paradigm shifts and concepts that they could lend some intellectual rigour to.

All mavericks love intellectual challenges and getting stuff done! Socialised Mavericks are no different.

They want to be challenged, they seek justice and they believe that what they do should be for the greater good. They are known for their objectivity and integrity and believe that a 'continuously learning' approach to life, will enable them to have the edge that others seek.

Socialised Mavericks can change the world, and a vast majority of them intend to do so.

Do you want to be part of that change?

The Socialised Mavericks' Mission

Our Manifesto

Resistance is futile, change is coming.

We are the wilfully independent. We influence but do not manipulate.
We are working to transform the way the world works. To ensure that it’s a better place tomorrow to live and work in, than it is today.
That the work we all do, has meaning and purpose, and what we all do in our life truly matters.

You cannot resist, change is coming.

We are changing the world to make it a less broken place.
Where character and integrity will ultimately have a higher premium than personality and bureaucracy.
That what you say matters, what you care about matters and what you do matters.
A place where the truly powerful work for the greater good.

We are the change, to resist is futile.

In this brave new world, the weak are protected and the strong are meek. We provoke leadership and lead with integrity.
We work to ensure that when the status quo ceases to be comfortable, you are empowered to stand up and make a difference.

Embrace the change and make it positive.

We deliver what we promise,
Our word is our bond,
Trust is our by-line.
This, is how we help the world overcome its challenges.

Resistance is futile, change is coming.


I believe that the world is broken, and I believe that it should be fixed.

If the thing that you are most passionate about, means that you are helping to fix some aspect of the broken world - then join us.

I don't care if you have a technological fix, an organisational fix, or a people fix. Just stand up and be counted - and fix it already!

This Mission creates leaders who use their knowledge to fix the world's challenges.

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