Developing managers’ senior management skills

Developing managers’ senior management skills are more important than ever before. Organisations desperately need a more agile workforce. Where the requirement of this workforce, to constantly change and adapt is embraced and resistance is low. This requires managers that are able to lead and possess the skills that senior management are expected to have. Unfortunately […]

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The Maverick Change Maker

Why do you do what you do? The Maverick Change Maker. I tell all my clients that they have a Driving Question. A question that drives you, one that you are always searching to answer. This question arose from childhood, it is important to know what it is, so that what you do is intentional; […]

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The Maverick Journey – Re-emergence

The Maverick Journey – Re-emergence Re-discover, Renew, Realise One of the things that sets mavericks and those that behave in a maverick way towards their work, aside from Conformists and those that love their comfort zone, is the need to get things done, in an ethical and effective manner. They eschew routine and the status […]

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