What is The Maverick Paradox Stable?

In 2005 I decided to leave corporate life to begin developing Maverick Leaders (utilising my own theories and strategies), and I have had a variety of websites since this time! This current one began in 2016! If you have been following me all this time then you will know that I believe that the wilful independence of mavericks can be harnessed to great outcomes.

My mission is to Provoke Maverick Leadership Everywhere and I have extended my knowledge on mavericks, their mindset, strategies and behaviours into a stable of resources.

The Maverick Paradox Stable currently consists of:

# The Book
# The Podcast
# The Magazine
# Websites (maverickparadox.com - this site is no longer being updated / maverickparadox.co.uk - this is the company site / themaverickparadox.com - this is the magazine site)

The Maverick Paradox Magazine

This magazine is for the pathologically curious and is written by a Swagger of Socialised Mavericks for business owners and professionals. (A Swagger is defined by Judith Germain as the Collective Noun for Socialised Mavericks).

In future, all my articles will be published there rather than this blog.

Here's the Maverick Paradox Magazine trailer:

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