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The Maverick Paradox - click the picture for a sneak peak!

What's the sneak peak? An interesting collection of excerpts from The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders. The pdf includes:

  • The Maverick Personality
  • The Maverick Continuum™
  • Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™

The Millennial Question - click the picture to download the pdf

What's in the pdf? An interesting collection of articles that begin the discussion on The Millennial Question:

  • Are Millennials the new Mavericks?
  • Millennials at work
  • Training Millennials
  • Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™

Maverick Solutions - click the picture to download the pdf

What's in the pdf? If you are curious and want to know what type of Maverick Solutions are available - then please take a look! You can always contact us if you would like something else. That's the advantage of being Maverick! A solution is always available, even if you have to create it from scratch!

Maverick Leadership

Here is a playlist from my YouTube channel that explores various aspects of Maverick Leadership. If you subscribe to the YouTube Channel you will see the entire collection of videos and be notified when they are updated.




We have a very active Facebook Page where we share a number of articles on leadership, business and other curious items that catch our Maverick fancy! We understand however, that not everyone has a Facebook account or even wish to play over there!

For those that are interested in the things that we post there, you can click the button below. This will take you to the articles bypassing Facebook! A plus for those stuck behind the corporate firewall!

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Twitter is often used to keep abreast with the news and what is happening in the world. It can be a very noisy, busy place and one where you can lose a lot of time. If you want to avoid going on Twitter, you can read what we Tweet and follow the articles, from right here on the website!

We Tweet about leadership and business mainly, but you will notice that we share a lot of other content too. Especially when we converse with other Tweeters.

Our solution for you, is to cut through the noise and show you the last 10 tweets that we post. If you wish to see more of our tweets then please follow us direct from the Twitter platform.

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The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders

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