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Judith's belief

Maverick Leadership of yourself and others, is the only real way that success (however you define it), is readily obtainable. This is not a cry for anarchy, more a realisation that wilful independence can drive success and execution beyond levels that Conformists can achieve. Our sister site talks more about Mavericks at work (click here)
Judith Germain
Judith Germain

Maverick Catalyst

Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker

A little information on the things we offer

We focus on providing solutions to the leadership questions that you have. Whether that's leading your people or enabling your company to be a leader in its field. Keep scrolling for information on our Maverick Interventions. Click (here) for information on our Maverick Solutions.
What is a Maverick?
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The Maverick Paradox
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Maverick Interventions

We work with (A) companies that need a maverick approach to their leadership because what they have isn't working. (B) Wannabe Mavericks and Maverick entrepreneurs to expand their work and thinking. (C) Those that want to answer the Millennial Question By providing a bespoke solution we will assist you with the changes that you wish to make. (Click here for details on Maverick Solutions).
Maverick Catalyst
We work with maverick energy in a number of ways: (1) We enable individuals to harness maverick power. (2) Companies are taught how to engage their employees. (3) Maverick's are mentored to success.
Leadership Consultancy
We specialise in the development of successful maverick leadership: (1) Bespoke training programmes (2) Executive coaching/mentoring (3) Leadership consultancy (4) HR Turnaround
SME Acceleration
We help small businesses grow easier, faster, stronger: (1) CEO mentoring (2) Reputational leadership (3) Business acceleration (4) Business strategy (5) Maverick mentoring (6) Networking strategy
Expert Opinion
Judith provides Keynote speaking and expert opinion. This includes guest blogging, panel host/guest, podcast host/interviewee
Career Management
We specialise in helping individuals successfully manage their own career: (1) Coaching and mentoring (2) Effective interview strategy (3) Standing out from the crowd (4) Establishing expertise
Core Talent
We work with individuals and teams to establish their core talent: (1) Personal success strategy (2) Personal branding based on core talent (3) Inspired communication (4) Understanding why


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