The Change Maker

Everywhere I turn people are talking about change makers as if they are a rarefied breed. As a Maverick, I find this surprising because just about anyone can be a change maker; albeit not necessarily a good one! The Change Maker Group defines change makers thus: “A Change Maker is someone who has a desire […]

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Developing managers’ senior management skills

Developing managers’ senior management skills are more important than ever before. Organisations desperately need a more agile workforce. Where the requirement of this workforce, to constantly change and adapt is embraced and resistance is low. This requires managers that are able to lead and possess the skills that senior management are expected to have. Unfortunately […]

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Episode 28

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast Judith talks to Erkan Ali. They discuss how Maverick Leadership changes who you are to benefit yourself and others. That Mavericks have a level of indifference that others don’t really understand. During the conversation Erkan explains that if your values don’t cost you anything then they aren’t […]

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Episode 26

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Judith talks to Don Cooke. They talk about how focus and commitment can led to motivation for your team and how to avoid your employees from becoming out of sync with the organisation. Don believes that companies need to collaborate with their customers. His 3Cs process can improve […]

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