In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act

- George Orwell

In probably no other time in history, this has become especially true. We live in a world in which we gleefully describe as 'post truth' or full of 'alternative facts'; and roll our eyes and shrug our shoulders - as if it's inevitable and doesn't matter.

Are you kidding me?

In this same world we shake our heads and exclaim 'well the young just doesn't listen any more', 'our employees just don't seem to care', 'our managers just can't lead' or even 'our customers just aren't buying any more'. Am I the only person who can see the correlation here?

Of course not.

All Socialised Mavericks can see it, some Maverick Behaviourists can, and the Extreme Maverick, well they are looking to exploit it. Conformists are sitting in apathy most often, trudging through their work day just happy that they have a clear path to follow.

It's a worrying trend, with the rise of AI and the almost, almost, possibility that even the pictures or videos that you see are so fake they look real. How do you know what to believe and who to follow?

What does that mean in the 21st Century?

I think it means that we will become personal. We will rely on what we can touch and verify. People's reputation will become a hard currency. We will live or die on our word and be defended by our reputation and credibility.

People will seek evidence and search for objective truth. Well, this is the world that Socialised Mavericks will pursue. It's all so easy to see the alternative if the Conformists and the Extreme Mavericks create ad nurture an unholy alliance.

Blind obedience to the most absurd, incredulous lies, little fact checking as long as the opinion expressed calls to our base nature; will become the norm. Following the leader that we are most scared of and who is the most dominant, will become expected. A world where free will is just an illusion. Can you imagine a world where this is the norm rather than a blip?

However, the world of work, freelance or corporate, will be substantially different. 

In this world of business, Socialised Mavericks and Maverick Behaviourists have the opportunity to shine. Their need to have a reputation that succeeds and executes, ethically and fairly will enable them to truly lead. People will be looking for leaders that they can trust and align to. Customers are searching for businesses to believe in.

We are all tired of the lies.

We want to follow people that get the job done with our best interests at their heart. Companies that have products that we can buy, that have caused the least amount of harm in their production. I think the tide is turning and the rush for the biggest salary, or the most dominating product is almost over. If that rush means that others get hurt when there is no justifiable reason for them to be.

If you want to advance in your career, run a business that fulfils it's aim or even to have the money that you want. The time to be Maverick is here. Be wilfully independent.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. First, do no harm …

Be revolutionary. The time to change is here. 



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