'Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back'.

Most people have heard the old adage 'curiosity killed the cat', used often as a refrain to stop them from being curious of the things around them. It is one of the reasons that Conformists and some Maverick Behaviourists choose not to question what they see or hear in case the knowledge of what they discover brings them dire consequences.

You know, like it might kill them.

There is a danger from this mentality though. A mind that lacks curiosity is closed off, it remains in its comfort zone. Using cognitive dissonance as a way to shut down new thoughts, ideas, concepts, rather than a catalyst for growth. A mind without curiosity is easy to lead, manipulate or starve.

Poor leaders lack curiosity, they see no need to be curious beyond their department. These individuals will always be second choice for senior leadership positions. For a mind that lacks curiosity, lacks imagination and a leader without imagination - just can't lead.

… but satisfaction brought it back

As a Socialised Maverick I love this latter part of the (extended) adage. For me it encourages a love of curiosity without the fear of penalty. Being curious might take you to the edge, but once this curiosity is satisfied you get to live again!

This is the belief of Mavericks and all good leaders. Being curious means you discover the larger picture. It means that when you are asked your opinion on something, you ask the right searching questions so that you can respond properly. Being curious means you know what's going on around you, at all times. It means when you are more likely to become a senior manager because you know what issues your company faces, as well as the issues in every department in the organisation. You can delve deep to unearth the problems and can imagine the solution that makes the difference.

Best of all, the following Maverick mantra is fulfilled:

'Believe nothing, test everything' - Judith Germain

A mind that is curious is harder to manipulate, it is a free thinker primed for growth. I know what I would prefer, do you?


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