What is a Maverick? - Maverick Attributes

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What is a Maverick? This is a question that everyone is asking these days. People are becoming increasingly fascinated with mavericks. Their personality, mindset, strategies and even attributes. Without the interplay of these things a Maverick wouldn't be a Maverick. This is something that individuals often struggle to understand.

Mavericks are complex creatures and whilst Socialised and Extreme Mavericks have different viewpoints in life, they share the same attributes. The short video above highlights their main ones. It is the first of a series of videos on 'What is a Maverick?'. I hope you enjoy it and the others that follow.

The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders looks in detail (along with short case studies) at the interplay of personality, mindset, strategies and attributes of the Maverick. Everything is connected in this complex Maverick character. To appreciate them, and their abilities, you need to have more than a surface level understanding of the behaviour displayed.

Observation of the outside cannot fully enable understanding of what is going on the inside. Without the outstanding you cannot harness the Maverick nature. Nor can you develop Millennials properly, especially as they are increasingly becoming Maverick Behaviourists. Taking their Conformist nature and borrowing Socialised Maverick behavioural traits in the workplace.

If you are unable to harness the Millennial because you cannot understand Maverick Behaviour then your company risks its success.

Individuals who do not understand their own nature risks their own success levels.


Maverick attributes can be a good foundational block for the success levels of whoever (company or individual) chooses to enhance their abilities.

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