Millennials at work

The idea of Millennials at work have been fascinating people for a long time. Millennials are those born roughly between the years of 1981 – 1996. The corporate world acknowledges that the digital revolution would make them different from the generations before them. They haven’t however, fully realised that the old way of working is […]

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Episode 25

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Judith talks to Mark Shaw about the need to be anti-social. Mark explains why social media doesn’t work for the vast majority of businesses and how you only have a nano-second of time to capture someone’s attention. They also discuss why being a ‘purple cow’ no longer works. […]

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The importance of having a Networking Strategy (video)

The importance of having a Networking Strategy (video) Conducting business in the 21st Century is substantially different to conducting business in the 20th Century.This video highlights the key things that are required to have a winning networking strategy that enhances your ability to sell more, more often. Please see the video below: 

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