Training Millennials

Training Millennials isn’t as hard as people think, although it will be different from what has happened before. An example is that because they are digital natives, they can quickly understand new technology. They are also able to come up with solutions to company problems by utilising technology not often seen within the corporate workspace. […]

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Millennials at work

The idea of Millennials at work have been fascinating people for a long time. Millennials are those born roughly between the years of 1981 – 1996. The corporate world acknowledges that the digital revolution would make them different from the generations before them. They haven’t however, fully realised that the old way of working is […]

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Why train someone if they are just going to leave?

“Why train someone if they are just going to leave?”, is a common question held between Finance Directors and HR Directors, almost everywhere. Whilst it’s an almost paradoxical question, I think it’s fair to say that the answer differs in the 21st Century compared to the late 20th. These days I would argue that this […]

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CEOs and Successful Senior Managers have external Mentors

CEOs and Successful Senior Managers have external Mentors. In my opinion, CEOs and senior managers are extremely brave people. After years of establishing expertise in one or two key functional areas or industries; they take up a role in which they are expected to be able to understand, and master all the different aspects of the […]

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Developing managers’ senior management skills

Developing managers’ senior management skills are more important than ever before. Organisations desperately need a more agile workforce. Where the requirement of this workforce, to constantly change and adapt is embraced and resistance is low. This requires managers that are able to lead and possess the skills that senior management are expected to have. Unfortunately […]

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The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent?

The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent? One of the overriding problems faced by companies is that they struggle to effectively develop talent for the conditions prevalent in the 21st Century. By trying to avoid potential discrimination claims they utilise a one size fits all leadership style; therefore, running the risk of […]

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Dealing with a disruptive maverick on your training course

I define ‘maverick’ to mean wilful independence and it is this training characteristic which is probably the one that causes trainers the most difficulty. Mavericks have a high sense of self confidence and self esteem and believe that they are more intelligent than others. This can be a heady mix when they are faced with […]

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