What is a Maverick? – Maverick Attributes

What is a Maverick? – Maverick Attributes What is a Maverick? This is a question that everyone is asking these days. People are becoming increasingly fascinated with mavericks. Their personality, mindset, strategies and even attributes. Without the interplay of these things a Maverick wouldn’t be a Maverick. This is something that individuals often struggle to […]

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The Maverick Change Maker

Why do you do what you do? The Maverick Change Maker. I tell all my clients that they have a Driving Question. A question that drives you, one that you are always searching to answer. This question arose from childhood, it is important to know what it is, so that what you do is intentional; […]

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Life on my term – 4 years or more

Life on my term – 4 years or more?Mavericks (which I have been defining since 2005, as ‘wilfully independent’ people), can cause wide reaching implications for the people that they interact with. This is a neutral fact, changing only when you consider the type of maverick that is wielding the power.Socialised Mavericks tend to use […]

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