Every year on this day millions of people commit to doing something that will change their lives for the better. In a mere few weeks, millions of people will have abandoned that commitment, in the mistaken believe that they are unable to make the changes that they once believed possible.

Thus starting the New Year on a lie.

To be Maverick is to be wilfully independent - so what should you do that's different? Here are a few things that you could consider doing:

  • Start planning for the next year before the old year has finished.
    • I generally start planning on 1st October, this allows for good thinking time and leisurely reflection. Consider this for next year.
    • Review the year, considering what went well, what didn't go as expected and reflect on the learning gained.
    • Determine what you want to be reviewing on 1st October next year, and set milestones for achievement.
  • Always start doing whatever you have planned to achieve on 1st January. This is a good psychological trick, as you will have a sense of achievement and increased belief that you are able to meet your goals throughout that year.
  • Determine how you will assess your progress.
    • Will you do weekly, monthly, quarterly reviews? Or perhaps some other interval?
  • Check that you have the resources available for success
    • This may mean hiring others to help you design and maintain your success.
  • Be accountable to someone, so that excuses don't become surrogates for success.
  • Enjoy what you are doing, or don't waste your time.
  • Stay true to your Maverick nature.
  • Make a commitment to yourself
    • This ensures that what you have chosen to do, is something that you want to do.

Enjoy the New Year, what plans have you committed to achieve?



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