How to cultivate a growth mindset for a business
Stacey Kehoe

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Stacey Kehoe on how to cultivate a growth mindset for a business. They discuss why mavericks do not desire perfection and what the consequences of this could be. During the discussion they talk about how to get out of your own way and how to become a more flexible leader. […]

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A summer of a thousand nos

In this episode Judith Germain has a fascinating conversation with Leo Quinn about his summer of a thousand nos. This summer Leo is trying out his rejection strategy to get a thousand nos for the pitches he makes. Leo ponders whether you can reach your goal quicker by hearing more nos. This is one man’s […]

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The Millennial Paradox – the Podcast

In this episode Judith Germain talks to Dr K about the Millennial Paradox. This is an interesting conversation that explores the multi-faceted Millennial and why they are a Paradox. Dr K is one of the popular conversationalists on the Maverick Paradox! She recently celebrated having the most popular download. So, due to popular demand she […]

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How to manage Millennial employees

‘How to manage Millennial employees?’ is a question being asked with extreme regularity by businesses everywhere. This is possibly due to the prevalence of the ‘Millennial stereotype’, over the last few years. A whole generation of people classified as privileged, lazy, needy and easily offended. This same generation was raised to: expect that serious obstacles […]

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Episode 33

This is an ‘Alone with Judith’ episode and is the 33rd show of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. It is the first of 3 episodes that answer the Millennial Question. This show asks ‘Are Millennials the new Mavericks’. Listen up and you decide! Millennials are now an immense influential group, they are soon to be the […]

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Training Millennials

Training Millennials isn’t as hard as people think, although it will be different from what has happened before. An example is that because they are digital natives, they can quickly understand new technology. They are also able to come up with solutions to company problems by utilising technology not often seen within the corporate workspace. […]

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Maverick leadership styles

I’m always being asked about Maverick Leadership styles by clients and individuals who are fascinated by the way that Mavericks lead. Laymen assume that there is one Maverick Leadership style, often quoting Steve Jobs or Richard Branson. However, by doing this there are missing the nuances of Mavericks, and the fact that both these Mavericks […]

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Millennials at work

The idea of Millennials at work have been fascinating people for a long time. Millennials are those born roughly between the years of 1981 – 1996. The corporate world acknowledges that the digital revolution would make them different from the generations before them. They haven’t however, fully realised that the old way of working is […]

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Are Millennials the new Mavericks?

Are Millennials the new Mavericks? I remember being interviewed a few times in the early ‘noughties’ about Generation Y. I stated then that Gen Y were starting to behave like Mavericks, without the influence to demand what Mavericks have. Jump forward a decade and Gen Y has become known as Millennials; with the realisation that […]

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Greatness is within you

I can say that greatness is within you, I can say this with a high level of certainty. Even though I don’t know you, I can even stand confidently in front of you and proclaim this truth. Greatness is within you. Are you wondering how I know? Well, greatness is within you because you can […]

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