When the doors close

This is an ‘Alone with Judith’ episode and is the 43rd show of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. In 2005 18 people banded together with the goal to write a business book. We decided that we would each write a chapter – depicting the journey of a business from start up to success. That book became BusinessWise […]

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Developing managers’ senior management skills

Developing managers’ senior management skills are more important than ever before. Organisations desperately need a more agile workforce. Where the requirement of this workforce, to constantly change and adapt is embraced and resistance is low. This requires managers that are able to lead and possess the skills that senior management are expected to have. Unfortunately […]

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Episode 28

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast Judith talks to Erkan Ali. They discuss how Maverick Leadership changes who you are to benefit yourself and others. That Mavericks have a level of indifference that others don’t really understand. During the conversation Erkan explains that if your values don’t cost you anything then they aren’t […]

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Is your spark obvious to others?

Is your spark obvious to others? If your spark isn’t easy to see, what you do will be of no consequence. There is almost nothing worse in your working life than when you do something that has no meaning. It can be soul destroying. To spend hours every week doing something you hate, or worse […]

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The Maverick Paradox Working Lunch – 29 June 2018

The Maverick Paradox Working Lunch – 29 June 2018 Are you coming?  London, 12pm – Free to attend The Maverick Paradox Working Lunch is a great place to meet and network with like minded people in an informal atmosphere. Come for stimulating conversation with mavericks – the wilfully independent, with an accent on support and […]

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1230 The Womens Company – Lunch with Judith Germain Croydon

DRIVEN: Solutions, Sales, SuccessHow the maverick in you makes the differenceOn 6 June 2017, Judith will be giving a talk on DRIVEN: Solutions, Sales, Success in Croydon at 12.30pm.Judith has been defining mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005 and has recognised that for businesses to survive they need to not only think differently but […]

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HR go network

There is a reason why HR refuses to go networking. To most internal HR professionals the term ‘networking’ is assumed to relate to the activity of external consultants who need to network to find work. It isn’t something that ‘internals’ think they do or indeed need to do. This is a dangerous assumption especially in […]

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