New Year’s Day

Every year on this day millions of people commit to doing something that will change their lives for the better. In a mere few weeks, millions of people will have abandoned that commitment, in the mistaken believe that they are unable to make the changes that they once believed possible. Thus starting the New Year […]

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Is your spark obvious to others?

Is your spark obvious to others? If your spark isn’t easy to see, what you do will be of no consequence. There is almost nothing worse in your working life than when you do something that has no meaning. It can be soul destroying. To spend hours every week doing something you hate, or worse […]

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The Maverick Change Maker

Why do you do what you do? The Maverick Change Maker. I tell all my clients that they have a Driving Question. A question that drives you, one that you are always searching to answer. This question arose from childhood, it is important to know what it is, so that what you do is intentional; […]

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The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent?

The War for Talent – are you grooming management talent? One of the overriding problems faced by companies is that they struggle to effectively develop talent for the conditions prevalent in the 21st Century. By trying to avoid potential discrimination claims they utilise a one size fits all leadership style; therefore, running the risk of […]

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Get what you want, effectively and ethically

Get what you want, effectively and ethicallyPeople are far more sceptical than they used to be and are more cautious of the people that they associate or choose to work with. It is no longer enough to have a defined niche, you need to be ‘attractive’ to the ones that you want to serve. Even […]

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