Is your spark obvious to others?

If your spark isn't easy to see, what you do will be of no consequence.

There is almost nothing worse in your working life than when you do something that has no meaning. It can be soul destroying. To spend hours every week doing something you hate, or worse still are indifferent to; can have an impact that not only affects you but the people around you as well.

Doing soul destroying work that would continue even if you wasn't here to do it, isn't the only way to be 'sparkless' around others. For example, when I'm networking I see many people who hated their corporate job, followed their passion and set up their own business or freelance company. At the time they believed that they were going to change the world and that life would be great following their passion. They would work only for the people that they like and work would fall into their lap.

The only problem was that it didn't work out like that and they are truly at a loss as to why. After all, they are good at what they do, and their service is good, so why aren't people buying?

There could be many reasons, however I would venture to hypothesise that the first thing that impacted their potential sales is that they had lost their visible spark.

They may have been to a few networking meetings and were unable to find enough people interested in what they do. They become discouraged and that showed up in their face and their voice.

In my opinion, one of the cardinal sins of networking is when someone is unable to articulate what it is that they do. Not only do they struggle to get to the point, but they either provide a shallow marketing by-line that they cannot back up with detail. Or they stuff their business proposition with 'corporate blah, blah'. Lots of meaningless words that discourage the listener from paying attention or understanding what they do.

Worse perhaps, are those that tell you what they do, with dead eyes and a monotone voice.  There is no spark in their eyes or delight in their words. It makes you wonder why they bothered to get up in the morning!

How do they expect anyone to BUY what they do? Whether this is an idea, concept, product or service?

It takes more than fancy words and big ideas to sell what you do.

Sometimes I feel lie the little kid in the film Sixth Sense, 'I see dead people'. They are all around. You need to light a spark and then fan the flames. Call a tribe and make a difference.

Do you know how? Do you have that spark and others can see it?

Join my clients and become one of the ever growing crowds that know how to do just that! 

Surely, you don't want to be one of those dead people out there?

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