I can say that greatness is within you, I can say this with a high level of certainty. Even though I don't know you, I can even stand confidently in front of you and proclaim this truth.

Greatness is within you.

Are you wondering how I know? Well, greatness is within you because you can emulate the attributes and strategies of a Socialised Maverick. Develop similar capabilities, utilise power in the same way, especially in your area of work. You don't have to be born a Maverick (Extreme, or Socialised to be able to do so.

You just need to want to.

I guess to believe me, you need to believe that Socialised Mavericks have greatness within them. And not just because I say so in here! (Click the picture!)






Recognition of what you can do, is a good first start

Look at this short motivational video featuring Les Brown about the greatness within you.

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It's a great video.

Les Brown says (amongst other things) the following:

  • Don't go to work each day talking bout how miserable you are. Do something about it!
  • Don't work below your potential - stop being comfortable with that!
  • Keep challenging yourself
  • Use your imagination - dream
  • Don't allow your negative history to determine what you can do now
  • Look to the future, stay focused on where you want to go
  • It is necessary to have your dream, you work on it
  • Take personal responsibility on your dream. Do not give up
  • Live your life with passion, with some drive
  • Remember that you have power, talents within you that you haven't even reached for yet
  • There's no guarantee that you can't have your dream

Socialised Mavericks embody greatness within them (especially if you compare the above characteristics), often without even realising it. Sometimes people are Mavericks and don't even know it because they are thinking about Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun', and knowing that they aren't anything like the pilot Maverick!

Les Brown is a great motivational speaker and author. His theme is 'it's possible!', which is a mantra that Mavericks' believe in and embody daily. It's one of the inspiring things about them, it's also one of the most annoying. I know, another paradox!

The 11 points raised in the video are exactly what Socialised Mavericks accept and live their lives each day, without giving it much thought.

If you are not a Maverick then all is not lost! Successful Conformists tend to become Maverick Behaviourists over time. Succinctly this means that they emulate Socialised Maverick behaviour whilst at work. This behaviour can be learnt, developed and matured so that the behaviour becomes almost innate. I know, I mentor or train clients (or their employees) on how to take positive Maverick Behaviour, strategies and capabilities into their workplace and their businesses.

Because, everyone has greatness within them, they just need to let it out and change the world whilst they are doing it. One brave, fantastic, step at a time!

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