Today is the first day of The Big Listen! For the whole of December we will be releasing an episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast each day on Facebook and Twitter. This will give you a chance to catch up on any episodes that you have missed as well as listening to December's new releases. Do let me know what you think!

So, today's episode is 'A conversation with Dr K and Judith Germain'. In this show they talk about how Maverick Behaviourists are fragile and what happens when a Maverick shuts down. They explore the differences between Socialised and Extreme Mavericks and how curiosity is a Maverick trait.

Dr Fern Kazlow is a Clinical Psychotherapist, speaker, consultant and mentor to the top 1% of entrepreneurs and experts. She is the founder of the No Doubt Zone.

Her LinkedIn profile is here and her website is here.

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6 thoughts to “The Big Listen – starts today with Dr K

  • Glen

    Lovely exploration of the concepts and real life challenges! I’m wondering on what is the difference between a rebel and a maverick?

    • Judith

      Hi Glen!

      Thank you for the compliment. This is a good question. All Mavericks are rebels but not all rebels are Mavericks! I think the difference is whether the rebellious one is rebelling because there is a logical, thought through reason (for the Mavericks); rather than one is centred solely on emotion.

  • Glen

    Do Mavericks tend to be entrepreuners because they find it so frustrating in many organisations? Many organisations are so structured because of systems that it becomes more and more difficult to influence changes unless you are at a fairly high level? Computerised work flow and now AI may make it more difficult for Mavericks to make changes?

    • Judith

      Hi again!

      Yes a lot of Maverick entrepreneurs, especially Socialised ones feel disillusioned in the workplace because eventually they get caught up in the organisational structure and their autonomy, which led to their success, gets taken away from them. This is still true at a high level.

      Eventually it makes sense for them to leave and make the impact that they want on the world, in the manner entirely of their choosing!

      I wrote about this in my book The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders (available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon).

  • Glen

    Sorry to hog the notice board, but at the end of this interveiw, the comment that most resonated with me was that the concept of retirement was almost irrelevant! And the feeling that I have much more to do means I can’t imagine not being involved in some project that can improve the world which means that work is enjoyable and not fundamentally a means to earn a living!

    • Judith

      Thank you for being so involved! I agree that for the Maverick – there is no sense of retirement. That can be very exciting!

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