Mavericks within the workplace

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Glenn Wallis again. This time they speak about why companies would want to have Mavericks within them. They also discuss the relation between Emotional Intelligence and Socialised Mavericks.

Listen Up to this and other conversation about Mavericks within the workplace.

Dr Glenn P Wallis is an Executive Coach and Principle of Glenn P Wallis, a boutique coaching consultancy.

His LinkedIn is here and website here.

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There are a further three episodes already recorded with Glenn.

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Can AI ever coach people? Also, what's it like to be a Socialised Maverick?

Judith is interviewed by Dr Glenn P Wallis on a number of Maverick concepts!

David Pilbeam and Dr Glenn P Wallis reviews the podcast 'Forging your own path to success'

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