You can't handle the truth! This is often an internal cry of the Socialised Maverick which often leads to disengagement or annoyance with the people that they are interacting with. Mavericks get very irritated and distrustful when they come across people or organisations who are not truthful.

Socialised Mavericks get incandescent with rage when someone tells them there is no such thing as the truth.Click To Tweet
This concept of there being 'no such thing as one truth' is particularly upsetting to Socialised Mavericks because it goes to the heart of their identity. It is as if you are saying that there is no such thing as integrity or honesty.

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. This is because they are highly equipped to distance their biases and emotions from their cognitive thinking. They are concerned with the Objective Truth, and mildly interested in Relative Truth. For them Relative Truth is interesting and informative but it isn't the truth. And if it's not the truth then it doesn't matter.

You can't handle the truth: the myth that objective truth doesn't exist

Objective truth is something that is true for everyone, it is not based on beliefs or personal experience. For example the 'earth orbits the sun' is an objective truth. Relative (or subjective truth) is something that is true to you but might not be truth for me. For example 'Brad Pitt is the most handsome man on earth' is a relative truth.

Most people live in the realm of relative truth and therefore feel that Mavericks are being pedantic when they insist someone is lying because they aren't upholding objective truth to the high standard that it needs to be considered. It is important because Mavericks are annoyed when others insist that a Relative truth is the Objective truth; or that they dismiss the possibility of Objective truth.

The purpose of Mavericks in problem solving

Mavericks are great myth busters and rate less individuals who can't be objective or flexible in their thinking. This is generally because of the differences in how individuals think. When a Socialised Maverick is required to problem solve or analyse something - they look for the objective truth of the matter. Once this is found they will then consider relative truth as a method of understanding how to influence others. They see relative truth in others as a way to learn about the individual, and then how to influence them whether that's their thinking or actions. One of the problems that Mavericks face is the persistent believe that YOU can't handle the truth!

Mavericks can be amazing thinkers, mainly when they have honed their skill in separating their own (and others) biases and belief systems from the data in hand. This helps to explain why mavericks can come up with some innovative and novel solutions to the problems that they face.

Socialised Maverick leaders look to empower objective truth saying and problem solving in the people that they lead. They understand that this builds credibility, reputation and competence in individuals which in turns makes them more successful.

Whenever I have worked with clients, big or small, I have lead the march for the search of objective truth in the problem that they are facing. Regardless of whether the problem lies in a data set, leadership team, or operational problem. Once the objective truth is found, you are able to solve the problems that it has presented.

You can handle the truth ...

(Objective) truth really will set you free, enabling you to envision and engender powerful, successful solutions.



3 thoughts to “You can’t handle the truth

  • Glen Tucker

    Very fascinating subject.
    So Absolute truth. What is it? It is a truth that exists outside of time or epoch. And never changes. if it changes at any time whether in the past, now or in the future, then it wasn’t a truth, given that truth must be absolute, if not then it isn’t a truth.
    So then we come to truth which is time bound. Fundamentally these are not absolute truths, because time bound truths are valid only as long as they cannot be proven to be false. However, as knowledge increases and new ways of thinking develope, time bound truths fail the test of the new knowledge.
    Some Absolute truths, are not always easily demonstrated. These maybe truths that only stand the test of eternity, ie they are always proven correct whatever the epoch is.
    So let us look at some examples.

    Firstly let us look at Scientific “Truths”. Although they may be true for a given epoch, ie can be demonstrated with current tools, paradigms and methods, to be the same whatever and whoever performs the test of truth, they are time limited. No one can say that new theorems, tools, concepts or tests may change the “Scientific” truth, it may modify the truth such as Eisteins theory that showed variations in time occur with velocity. Currrent “truth” concerning the velocity of light which postulates that it cannot vary, are already being questioned.
    However this truth is time bound, it nevertheless is True untill proven otherwise and so can be considered true at a given time.

    An example of the current misunderstanding of the application of science can be seen in the rejection of many forms of alternative health, particularly Homeopathy. This is because the scientific method needs to be able to hold all other parameters as constant during any experiment to ensure the results are valid. This is almost impossible with humans as the object of the experiment. So most drugs etc only work on the basis statistical “proving”, no corolation of 100% is ever found in these experiments, often the validity of the results only have corrolation factors of 50 to 80%. So these Truths are not truths, merely practical approaches to problem solving. That the medical and pharmaceutical professions would have us beleive they are truths is sadly an indictment of their ethics.

    Then we come to the question of universal truths. There are such truths, but because they are only obvious over time, often long epochs of time, someone who demands that we demonstrate that they are true right now, will be disappointed. Take the truth of honesty. Some are not honest. They have a good life, they aquire wealth and influence, but as it is based on lies, they will probably, even in this life, begin to experience the negative results of their behaviour. However, this is not gauranteed, nor are we as human beings who have not aquired the wisdom and sagasity of the Mystics able to show this truth. Nevertheless, human kind, has, over the centuries, discovered the Ancient Truths to be good truths to adhere to.

    The study of philosophy, the mystery of the potential or failures of the human race, the “moral” laws can be shown to be valid when the subject is deeply studied over many lives. (And this of course is one of the Truths that migh be hotly contested until proven for oneself. Unless one has the ability to view the situation over billions of years, it is unlikely that a proof can be shown outside of one’s own experience. That the great mystics regularly give examples that these truths are Absolute truths are the gifts to those of us who desire a life of fulfilment and progress in our evolution to our final destination of being able to step into their shoes.

    Although we can look at geometry and Sacred Geometry for a glimpse of what these might mean, as the Fibonachi sequences etc. And the properties of sound. Amazing as they are, have to be treated with caution as to whether they are absolute truths or rather truths embedded in our galaxy and epoch, long as it may be.

    So in conclusion, Mavericks in general, by their nature of being connected with Universal Absolute truths, such as Honesty, etc will indeed be unable to accept betraying them.

    • Judith

      Thank you for your considered response! I agree Mavericks have a hard time accepting it when people betray them. Extreme Mavericks especially.

      That can be quite dangerous as their sense of extreme justice gets triggered.

      There is objective truth, universal truth as well as relative truth, and Socialised Mavericks accept them all. They make the point of distinguishing between them all. Mavericks, however, soon get irritated when others play fast and loose with their words and deny the existence and proper categorisation of such an important concept of truth.

      • Glen Tucker

        Having dialogued on this, an interesting line of questioning, might be: “Do Mavericks have a greater sense of universal truths than the general population?”

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