Maverick Leadership

Maverick Leadership “Successful leadership in an ever shifting landscape isn’t easy. Finding your place in the world has become increasingly difficult as the century gets older. The old staples aren’t stable anymore and we are no longer sure of the old certainties. Things must change and the time for a new type of leader is […]

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Mavericks explained

This post (Mavericks explained) was originally posted on my site as ‘Are you a Maverick?’ way back in the early 2000s! The contents still rings true, so I’m reposting it here. #ThrowBackMaverick! (I see that other people have agreed that the content is spot on, because they have copied the text word for word, […]

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What’s a Maverick?

What’s a Maverick? A lot of people have asked me this and it’s something that has fascinated me deeply, perhaps because I am one. It has become a consuming passion of mine to truly understand the mind of the maverick. Firstly to understand myself better, and then to find a way to help mavericks and […]

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Maverick Definition (video)

Maverick Definition – videoSince 2005, Judith Germain has been defining  mavericks as:  wilfully independent people.It is surprising, for most people, to learn that there are two types of maverick. The Socialised and Extreme Maverick, which share some characteristics with each other, but respond differently to stimuli. These mavericks are wilfully independent at all times. Extreme […]

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What is an accurate maverick definition?
Maverick on top of a mountain

What is an accurate maverick definition? In Judith Germain’s book, The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders, she provides an interesting maverick definition. She defines a maverick as: Being wilfully independent. This is the definition that she has been using since 2005! In the early 2000s Judith wrote (on her site and other places) the following: Mavericks […]

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