This post (Mavericks explained) was originally posted on my site as 'Are you a Maverick?' way back in the early 2000s! The contents still rings true, so I'm reposting it here. #ThrowBackMaverick!

(I see that other people have agreed that the content is spot on, because they have copied the text word for word, leaving out the uncomfortable fact that I wrote it! Awkward!) See this post here to find out my feelings on that.

Mavericks explained

Mavericks are amazing people. Judith Germain has been defining mavericks as wilfully independent people. That's right wilfully independent! Mavericks are talented, truthful to the point of bluntness, visionary with an uncanny ability to exactly see the hole in the argument that is being presented to them, and how to fix it. Mavericks break rules, not out of spite but because the rules don't work. They are highly goal orientated, charismatic (if they choose to be), and will question anything and everything.

The common question posed by a Maverick is 'Why?'

Mavericks do not compromise their standards to fit in, and therefore cannot be managed conventionally. Despite the fact that they often do not utilise their talents effectively, mavericks tend to be the top performers in companies and within business. Common traits of low boredom and impatience means that mavericks often have trouble articulating effectively what they want or what they mean.

This can often cause high turnover, low morale and poor business performance within companies. If the maverick runs their own business they can depress their company's performance, by not focusing on their own business (too busy working in it!) and by not building sufficient reputation and credibility to grow advocates and gain referrals.

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