In this episode on The Maverick Paradox Podcast, Judith Germain speaks to Rajan Shankara where they discuss his Warrior Monk journey to becoming a Socialised Maverick, from the depths of Extreme Maverickism.

Rajan was a drug dealer, entrepreneur and monk, all before the age of 21. Judith and Rajan discuss his maverick journey and the intersection of leadership traits and maverick awareness.

For example, Judith explains that leadership is not a conforming theory that forgets who you are and Rajan discusses the importance of being an individual, and whether you are a hero of your own story.

Whilst they discuss the steps to mastery they ponder on how to form an unstoppable group; and how to disarm with language.

Listen to this insightful, enjoyable conversation and discover more about mavericks and how you can take their learning and apply it to your own path to success.

His LinkedIn profile is here, and his website is here.

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For those of you happy to listen through your browser … enjoy!


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