SME Acceleration is our premier programme for those that are serious about transforming their business.

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Judith Germain - talks about Reputation and Small Business Owners

The SME Acceleration programme helps consultants and small businesses define and establish their value proposition, build and leverage their reputation and increase their revenue and attraction.



To succeed in business, it is imperative that consultants and businesses consider the reputation that they are building and how they demonstrate their credibility to others. This consideration must include all their activities, what they do online and offline must always be consistent.

Brand perception and delivery is becoming all important for the survival of the business.

Building the right reputation for your business takes time and there are a number of stages that the business needs to take to ensure that their business strategy is effective. People buy from people (not businesses) and need to trust the person that they are buying from, especially if they are buying high ticket value services. How the business owner and his employees interact with potential advocates and clients is now more important than ever. When you have the right reputation, you gain referrals and advocacy.

Our most popular consultants and small business services are as follows:

SME Acceleration programme is our premier programme for those that are serious about transforming their business. 

This is an innovative programme that has a number of modules that you can pick and choose from. Following an early assessment, it may be decided that a more tailored programme is more suitable for you.

Consultancy services

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

  • Business Mentoring - enabling business owners and consultants to grow and interact better with their business (work on it not in it!)
  • Maverick Mentoring

Core talent programmes

  • Personal success strategy
  • Personal branding based on core talent 
  • Inspired Communication
  • Understanding why

Please note that our services are solution based. This means we assess with you, your needs and the ultimate solution provided may be delivered via a tailored in house training programme, consultancy, 121 mentoring, public course or a combination of these or other items not previously mentioned.


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