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Maverick assistance

Judith is the leading authority on mavericks, the wilfully independent, and an expert in leadership. Since 2005 organisations and self-funding mavericks have actively sought her advice and assistance on harnessing their maverick talent.

Prior to 2005, Judith successfully worked in organisations with challenging people in challenging situations. Specialising in leadership, operational management, and HR.

She was often considered the go to expert for maverick assistance.

Years later Judith realised that she was a Socialised Maverick, uniquely positioned to help, nurture and develop Maverick Behaviourists, Extreme and Socialised Mavericks. Judith is inspired to enable the truly powerful to work for the greater good.

Popular maverick assistance for mavericks and their managers are:

Maverick mentoring

  • How to communicate effectively with others
  • How to harness maverick talent
  • How to be a better, more effective manager
  • Career Acceleration
  • Maverick DRIVEN leadership™

 Consulting services

  • How to be more influential
  • How to manage maverick employees

How to ensure your organisation utilises maverick energy and enables more Maverick Behaviourists

Please note that our services are solution based. This means we assess with you, your needs and the ultimate solution provided may be delivered via consultancy, 121 mentoring, public course or a combination of these or other items not previously mentioned.

If you are looking for a particular intervention that you don't see here, please contact us.

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