Career management

Career Management

Enlightened individuals realise that in these times it is a real struggle to stand out from the masses to secure or maintain a job. They need to engage with the career management of their working lives; as companies no longer take the responsibility for doing  that. Prior to the financial crises, the old maxim was to hire someone who was a 75% fit for the company. The remaining 25% allowed the individual to develop into the role. Companies understood that they needed to train a new employee and that the employee probably had a steep learning curve.

This is no longer true.

Companies are now hiring employees who are a 100% fit. This is damaging to the company and the individual. This decision means there is no growth available for the successful candidate - which means that they will soon become dissatisfied and begin to underperform. The company soon has apathetic employees and unsuccessful candidates despair that they will ever find the role that they are looking for.

Mavericks may find themselves unable to fit into the organisation and risk losing their job or being overlooked for promotion.

We help individuals who wish to manage their career. This might be a CV review, interview practice, enabling them to make a career move from one role to another (eg retail manager to HR). We also specialise in helping individuals stand out from the crowd and craft their own ‘branded’ identity.

For those that are interested in identifying and exploiting their core talent then our N-Code® - Personal Success Strategy programme may be of interest.

Our most popular individual services are as follows:

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes (Success Strategy Programmes)

  • Maverick Mentoring
  • Career Acceleration - having a winning professional proposition
  • Maverick DRIVEN leadership™ for success
  • Deciding what you want to do and how to achieve it
  • N-Code® - Personal Success Strategy - Discovering your core talent

Consulting Services

  • Career acceleration
  • How to write a winning CV and ace the interview
  • How to be more influential
  • N-Code® integration and personal branding

Please note that our services are solution based. This means we assess with you, your needs and the ultimate solution provided may be delivered via consultancy, 121 mentoring, public course or a combination of these or other items not previously mentioned.

If you are looking for a particular intervention that you don't see here, please contact us.


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