What is a Maverick Leader? Someone who leads mavericks? This is undoubtedly true, however for our purposes we are talking about someone who leads and acts like a Socialised Maverick.

If you are a regular reader of the maverickparadox.com (or have read The Maverick Paradox: The secret Power Behind Successful Leaders) then you will have a good idea of the strategies, capabilities and mindset of the maverick. For those that would like a sneaky recap, click the picture below:

I have found that successful Maverick Leaders lead in a certain way. They follow the Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ Methodology to enhance their influence. Here's another sneaky recap:

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WHO is the Maverick Leader?

The Maverick Leader is quite the complex character! They have a very strong sense of self, they know WHO they are. Their sense of justice, fairness and self-confidence is an integral part of who they are. It is not something they think about, it just IS. They have a very strong sense of what NEEDS to be done.

These individuals are VISIONARIES, with a strong sense of purpose and a wonderful way of engaging and caring for people. Regardless of whether they personally know the individual.

Maverick Leaders do what's RIGHT, take calculated risks that almost, always, pay off. They speak the TRUTH that they see, regardless of the consequences. They prefer to be liked but can live without the adoration of others - if it means being TRUE to themselves. They cannot abide with cognitive dissonance and will resolve it as a top priority, if or when, it occurs.

A Maverick Leader knows how to influence and lead for the greater good. They leave the manipulation for self interest to the Extreme Mavericks - they have no desire to coerce anyone into anything.

Traits of a Maverick Leader

The info graphic below looks at the essential traits of the Maverick Leader.

In my book, The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders I outline that the Maverick Leader is one who understands and utilises the KP MAP acronym.


  • KEYSTONE™ Capabilities (Maverick)
  • Power (Maverick)


  • Maverick Mindset
  • Attributes (Maverick)
  • Personality (Maverick)

The Successful Maverick Leader is able to understand and utilise the KP MAP. The components of the KP MAP can be taught to individuals and leadership teams.

I'm beginning to see that not only are companies wanting their leadership teams to learn this essential information, their Millennials and Gen Z are asking for it too.

Business owners and freelancers want to maintain an edge and be open to new ideas  to implement.  The need to stand out and build a reputation requires maverick behaviour and sensibilities.

Maverick Leadership is a way of life, not a formal organisational process. Be a Maverick Leader, know WHO you are, get things DONE, stand up for what's RIGHT, lead for the GREATER GOOD. Become a catalyst for change.

How to become a Maverick Leader

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