The top 5 podcasts - July 2019

It was towards the end of 2017 that I decided to start hosting The Maverick Paradox Podcast. I made a decision that I was going to prioritise maverick ideas and concepts in my conversations with others. Therefore, not everyone who has been on the show is a Socialised Maverick, but they are all on the Maverick Continuum™ and understand my concept of wilful independence.

It has been a lot of fun, talking to the many guests, some of which have come back multiple times.

I think it would be interesting to, from time to time, pick 5 podcasts to highlight in a separate post. Today, I have decided to highlight the top 5 podcasts. Perhaps you remember them? If you have a favourite podcast show then do let me know in the comments. It doesn't have to be one of the top 5 it could be any one (or two) from the 43 shows we have already aired.

Count down!

Top 5 Podcasts July 2019

#5 most downloaded show

The Maverick Paradox Evolution episode is the 5th most downloaded show. This was the first 'Alone with Judith' episode, where I spoke to the microphone sans guest. Over the many years that I have worked in this field, many people have asked me why I had decided to work with mavericks and my own journey. It was interesting to explore that, as well as talking about the black tie Maverick Dinner that I hosted in the private dining room of Le Pont de la tour.


I think I might arrange another black tie Maverick Dinner - it was a great deal of fun, with some interesting people. Here's the #5 most downloaded podcast:

#4 most downloaded show

A conversation with Curtis Tappenden is the 4th most downloaded episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. In this popular show Curtis and I discuss maverick attributes and how Mavericks are able to unleash a great deal of power. This was the first ever episode aired, and it was a fantastic conversation around wilful intent and exploring the opinions of two Socialised Mavericks.

Here is the 4th most downloaded show:

#3 most downloaded show

An 'Alone with Judith' episode about wilful independence takes the next slot as one of the most downloaded shows. In this show I explore wilful independence, and compare it to the wilfulness of Conformists. It's always good to remember the context of the words that you use to avoid confusion. When I talk about wilful intention, I'm not talking about someone who is stubborn!

I also speak briefly about The Maverick Journey: Re-emergence. 

Here is the #3 most downloaded show:

#2 most downloaded show

A conversation with Joe Lawrence is the 2nd most downloaded episode. In this show I have an interesting discussion with Joe about the nature of leadership and our differing approaches. Joe explains that leaders are teachers first and how his experience in the US military informs his view. He explains the importance of climbing the mountain top.

Here's the #2 most downloaded episode:

#1 most downloaded show

A conversation with Dr K is the most downloaded Maverick Paradox Podcast. Well done Dr K! In this show Dr K questions whether Maverick behaviour can really be taught. She asks how you stop a maverick from becoming toxic? Dr K is known for her searching questions - this podcast is full of them! Listen up!

Here's the #1 most downloaded show:

So there you have it! These are the top 5 downloaded episodes of The Maverick Paradox Podcast in July 2019. Do you have a favourite episode?

Settle down and grab your headphones and enjoy an episode or 2!

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