Episode 37

This is an ‘Alone with Judith’ episode and is the 37th show of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. Today Judith talks about Maverick Leadership, what is a Maverick Leader? and how empathetic leadership is the new leadership innovation. Judith’s LinkedIn profile is here, her Twitter profile (@MaverickMastery) is here, Facebook here and Instagram here. You can […]

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What is a Maverick Leader?

What is a Maverick Leader? Someone who leads mavericks? This is undoubtedly true, however for our purposes we are talking about someone who leads and acts like a Socialised Maverick. If you are a regular reader of the maverickparadox.com (or have read The Maverick Paradox: The secret Power Behind Successful Leaders) then you will have […]

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Maverick Leadership

Maverick Leadership “Successful leadership in an ever shifting landscape isn’t easy. Finding your place in the world has become increasingly difficult as the century gets older. The old staples aren’t stable anymore and we are no longer sure of the old certainties. Things must change and the time for a new type of leader is […]

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