'Facts do not cease to exist because you ignore them' - Aldous Huxley. Yes, it sounds obvious but in practice this truism is often overlooked. This is much to the annoyance and exasperation of Socialised Mavericks everywhere.

These Mavericks strongly believe in objective truth (and will defend the concept to the death!). This is the reason why Socialised Mavericks treat anyone with suspicion who takes it upon themselves to ignore inconvenient truths.

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It's important for anyone that sells something, whether it's a product, service or idea to be trusted. It's especially important if the thing that you wish to sell is for a Millennial or Maverick. Trust and a good reputation is important to them. Therefore to sell you need to convince and influence.

Facts do not cease to exist because you ignore them ...

When you ignore facts that are inconvenient then you lose substantial credibility. For a Socialised Maverick that lack of credibility is often insurmountable. This is because they prize intellectual rigor and flexibility of the mind when it is presented with new data. A Socialised Maverick can believe something passionately, and when presented with new data that conflicts with their belief (as long as it has rigor) they will suddenly go where the new data takes them. That is a strength, only Conformists see it as a weakness.

If you are unable to do the same then you will have a hard time influencing them to do anything.

Why is that important?

It is important because Mavericks are either influential or manipulative - regardless of which they are great persuaders. This means if you want anyone to buy what you have to sell (product, service or idea), then you need them to amplify your desires rather than drown out your intentions.

In the workplace this could be the difference between a highly engaged employee base working efficiently against a disengaged workforce living with apathy and disinterest.

If your mindset does not allow you to be wrong you will be unable to achieve your full potential. You will become in effect, the designer of your own downfall.

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