In this episode Judith Germain converses with Dr Fern Kazlow (Dr K) in which Dr K questions whether Maverick behaviour can really be taught. She also asks (amongst other things) how organisations should deal with mavericks who have done enough in the company and really need to leave. How do you stop the maverick from being toxic?

Dr Kazlow is a clinical psychotherapist, speaker, author business consultant, and mentor to entrepreneurs and experts in the top 1-4% - the influencers, the paradigm shifters, the round pegs in the square holes. A pioneer and disrupter, Dr Kazlow is a leader in integrative approaches to business and mind-body health and opened one of the first integrative centres in New York City. Dr Kazlow has been interviewed and featured in the major media (including The New York Times, WABC, WNBC, and New York Magazine), has had dozens of her articles published and is an author of a book on Adoption Law.

Her website can be found here and her LinkedIn profile is here.

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