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Judith's vision

Judith Germain believes that any individual can become transformational by emulating Socialised Mavericks, because adapting appropriate maverick behaviour makes successful leadership automatic. She also believes that any business can become a successful influencer, by utilising the maverick mindset, because appropriate wilful independence is often the key to business success.
Judith Germain
Judith Germain

Maverick Catalyst

Author, Consultant, Speaker

A little about the things that we offer

We use these components to provide you with a bespoke solution. Keep scrolling for more about our Maverick Interventions.
Articles and expert opinion
Coaching and Mentoring
Maverick Leadership
Maverick Mentoring
Business Acceleration

Maverick Interventions

We will help you inspire successful maverick leadership in yourself and your team. By providing a bespoke solution we will help you become truly powerful and working for the greater good. (Click Maverick Solutions for details).
Maverick Catalyst
We work with maverick energy in a number of ways: (1) We enable individuals to harness maverick power. (2) Companies are taught how to engage their employees. (3) Maverick's are mentored to success.
Leadership Consultancy
We specialise in the development of successful maverick leadership: (1) Bespoke training programmes (2) Executive coaching/mentoring (3) Leadership consultancy (4) HR Turnaround
SME Acceleration
We help small businesses grow easier, faster, stronger: (1) CEO mentoring (2) Reputational leadership (3) Business acceleration (4) Business strategy (5) Maverick mentoring (6) Networking strategy
Expert Opinion
Judith provides Keynote speaking and expert opinion: (1) Mavericks (2) Leadership (3) Reputation (4) SME acceleration (5) Maverick career management (6) Networking (7) Establishing expertise across Social Media
Career Management
We specialise in helping individuals successfully manage their own career: (1) Coaching and mentoring (2) Effective interview strategy (3) Standing out from the crowd (4) Establishing expertise
Core Talent
We work with individuals and teams to establish their core talent: (1) Personal success strategy (2) Personal branding based on core talent (3) Inspired communication (4) Understanding why